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How is a lie detected on machine?

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All the human beings unanimously agree that lying is a bad habit. They even curse the person who lies to them and would like to sever all ties to the person who is doing such treacherous thing to them but if they are under certain pressure they will take no time to lie. But since this is not a normal process for any living being, while lying most of the human beings produce certain physiological reactions that can be detected and measured by using the lie detection machine on 

The measurable symptoms

The symptoms that can be measured are such as

  • Increased breathing rate
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Increased pulse rate
  • Increase in sweating

lie detector test

All these symptoms are also measurable in the case of anxiety and stress and this is the reason that this test cannot be used as evidence in the court of law. But, for all those who want to figure out if their partner is lying to them or their employee is working against the interest of the company or for anyone who is cheating on them, it is a great tool.

When you search for the agency that does ‘lie detection test’ you must make sure that you hire the one that is reliable and experienced such as Only a professional who has an experience of carrying out this test will be able to perform the test properly and give you results with 95% to 98% accuracy.

The graph

When the subject gives answers of the questions asked by the examiner the sensor son the body of the examinee record the changes produced in the body. These changes are recorded in the form of a graph. Each graph is then examined and studied by the professionals to come to a conclusion.

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How do people benefit from online casinos

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How do people benefit from online casinos

There are thousands of online casinos like 1scasino. Infact these online casinos have a growing clientele. The reasons why these online casinos such as 1scasino are preferred are due to the various benefits they offer their customers:

  1. The customers do not have to wait in queues to play their favorite slot machines or favorite table games.
  2. When you visit a physical casino you require a lot of money not only to play the games but also for expenses associated such as food, drinks, transport, gas or fuel and maybe even accommodation.
  3. You can play from anywhere including mobile devices such as phones, ipads and more
  4. You can spend even more time on playing rather than on going there to the casino
  5. You can play games like blackjack and poker much faster than in a real world set up
  6. It helps those who have respiratory problems as they need not be exposed to smoke and fumes
  7. It is beneficial for those who dislike crowds




  1. Those that do not like noise can play on these online sites
  2. The player does not need to worry about how much money he or she has to carry with them to the casino.
  3. The various trips to the cage can be prevented and the player does not need to carry wads of cash or huge piles of chips
  4. Winnings are easily transferred to the account
  5. Online casinos offer niche games which may not be available in real world casinos
  6. Online casinos offer various bonuses and loyalty points
  7. This offers anonymity to the player and they can even play in their pajamas.

These online sites are user friendly and one can play with people from all over the globe. These are just some of the benefits of online gaming sites.



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